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Celebrating your love and commitment with a ceremony designed just for you 

Nigel and Iris Levings

”Choosing the right Marriage Officiant will make a huge difference to your wedding”

Skilled Marriage Officers For Your Most Exceptional Experience

Beautiful Micro – Garden Venue. A Husband & Wife Team based in Gauteng. Uniquely positioned to help you create a distinctive experience at our Beautiful Garden Venue or Venue of your choice.

Nigel Levings

marriage officer

Iris Levings

marriage officer
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Every Wedding is infused with insights and subtleties designed to suit your exact needs

We are happy to include a Virtual option – To accommodate your Special Guest List, Wherever they may be in the world.

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We are passionate about your experience. . .
Not only on the day of Your Wedding, but for Life.

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We long for you to have the Richest most Meaningful and Valuable Experience of Life.


Your surest way to live the fullest possible life is To Live a Life of Love!!

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live constantly mindful of the wonder of love

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