Why “I Do Weddings”???


It would be a great honour to journey with you as your Personal Marriage Officer.

1. Creating and Delivering a Full Wedding Ceremony Unique to you.


Marriage Registration Or Full Wedding Ceremony designed specifically for you.
A Celebrant to make sure your wedding ceremony is an entirely unforgettable and joy-filled occasion. 
Offering insights and subtleties to make your event a most wonderful & meaningful experience.

Details – Full Wedding Ceremony 

2. A Marriage Registration to suit your specific need.

For a cheerful, modern and dignified marriage in the comfort of your home, at my offices or at a venue of your choice

Details – Marriage Registration  SERVICES OFFERED.

  1. Full Marriage Celebration
  2. Marriage Registration
  3. Baptism, Dedications, Christening and Naming Ceremony
  4. Marriage Counselling & Relationship Consultation
  5. Vow Renewal Ceremony
  6. Memorial/Funeral Services
  7. Celebrant Services
Detail on Services Offered

The best first step would be to have a non-obligation meet & greet to ensure your comfort. I look forward to chatting soon and to a celebration of note… (Click on coloured script to make contact)