The Great Human Project (The Sacred Yes)

“Earth is crammed with heaven and every bush alive with God. But only he who sees, takes off his shoes . . .”


Many of us reach crucial moments in our lives where we ask the big question. What is this really all about? Why am I alive in this body, at this time, under these circumstances? What have I signed up for here?

I have heard many great sages say that we all have a very individual and specific life purpose. Some have even said that before we are born we each reach an agreement as it were. We agree on our life circumstances. We agree on our families, our relationships, our DNA structures and even possibly some of the life events that will unfurl before us. These sages have gone on to say that not one of us will leave this earthy plane a moment too soon nor a moment too late. Once we have accomplished our ‘life purpose’ our time here is up.

Trying to figure out our specific life purpose can be quite complicated for us and possibly even totally unnecessary. There is a different path towards this. A more direct path. The direct path is to understand and to align with what we might call Our Collective Human Purpose. Those of us who really have this working well flow easily and fully with our specific life purpose anyway. So the focus is to align as fully as possible with our collective purpose.

By collective purpose, I mean, we are all in this together. We all have the same purpose. This is The Great Human Project.

And here it is:-

“Your purpose is to have the richest experience of life

And to live out your fullest expression in life”

In other words, our purpose is to live abundantly. To live fully and to live well.

As we live our lives fully, remarkable movements and shifts take place within us. They are seemingly imperceptible at first. From time to time, we do get deeply encouraging glimpses of these shifts. As we edge towards our final years, we realize that these movements and shifts have been quite significant. We truly have become astonishingly rich and full expressions of humanity. We have grown in capacity which means that our characters have enlarged enormously.

We find that The Great Human Project has born its fruit. We have been an integral part of the “Evolutionary Impulse of The Universe”. We have participated and contributed immensely, just by being who we really are and by living this out fearlessly and fully. As we live abundantly, we notice these shifts by seeing that two remarkable developments can be clearly measured. They have manifested in us as we have continued to say yes.

The first; we see that we have grown enormously in character. As we have lived fully, our capacity has enlarged remarkably. We have made room for living, for being and for allowing.

This “room” that we have made is priceless. As we make room, we really do become specious. As we continue to say ‘yes’, this space is filled by Divine presence which means that the qualities of ‘Divinity’ become clearly discernible in all of our living.

Gradually we come to realise that we have evolved in body, in mind and in our entire psyche.  We have learnt to hold so much of the unresolved. The unresolved both within ourselves and beyond. We have learnt to hold with grace, compassion, kindness and love. We have done this in the context of living fully and enjoying the wonder of life completely no matter what is going on around or within. We have learnt what it means to stand firm above the unresolved (everything beyond our control that we cannot fix).

The second: As we stand above any and all discomforts and struggles; as we celebrate life and the beauty of the other whatever distractions may come; as we LOVE and ‘hold the space open’ and as we show grace; not only have we become fuller and larger, more spacious, we have also become A Purer Expression of Who We Really Are”.

This other exceptionally valuable development has also been unfurling. The two movements go together. They are inseparable. As we expand with the outward movement, we purify with the inward movement.

This purifying is completely underrated but is one of the most glorious outcomes of The Great Human Project. By the sheer power of standing with love in our hearts, we burn off impurities within, bit by bit. As we purify, we find that life becomes effortlessly rich and glorious. We discover that we don’t have to work hard to relish each moment. We find immense joy in even the simplest experiences; a cup of tea or a daily chore.

‘Our Connect’ with the wonder of living, our celebration of life becomes immediate. We engage with what has often been called, ‘causeless joy’. We find that our love flows freely and unconditionally. We also have way more energy to deal with the circumstances of life effectively and creatively. Little work is required.

This is because impurities, distractions, deviances and blockages have systematically and surely been removed as we have lived our agreed collective purpose. As we stand and as these burn away, we find that there are fewer contaminants to distract us or to block the flow of Pure Energy within and through us. We find that we are able ‘to see’ from the heart as things really are. We find that we have aligned with the eternal truth –

“Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.”

Matthew 5:8 (NIV)

This is our joy. This is the great benefit and power of Being Fully Human. This is the wonder of the Sacred Yes!

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Nigel Levings

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