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Garden Venue – Micro Weddings – Marriage Registrations – Full Wedding Ceremony

Marriage Registration

Our Garden Venue or venue of your choice

“I Do” Micro –Wedding Ceremony

We offer our beautiful Garden Conservatory for your exclusive use.

Full Wedding Ceremony

We highly value your freedom to choose and will do all that we can to honour your views

Our Garden Venue or venue of your choice

Marriage Registration

While this is an unadorned legal ceremony, we make every effort to create a warm and engaging environment. One that reflects your values to honor the occasion.

Your Home (Home Marriage)
Our Venue (In our beautiful Garden Conservatory)
A Safe Venue of your choice.

Type of Ceremony

Full Wedding Ceremony

We highly value your freedom to choose and will do all that we can to honour your views. Spiritual/Non Spiritual – Religious/Non Religious – Specified Denomination/Non Denominational/Inter Faith/Civil Union, Civil Partnerships and Civil Marriages

Our approach is to shape your ceremony around you and the dreams you have for your special day. We take the time to clearly hear your wishes and your world-view so that a warm, dignified, festive and appropriate atmosphere is planned for you and your guests.

Before your Wedding Day.
It is most helpful if we are able to meet a few times. Specific planning & getting to know you personally has great value. Meetings are designed specifically to create comfort for you on the day and during the lead up to your wedding.

Let’s talk through a meeting schedule that will be most workable for you . .

“I Do”

Micro –Wedding Ceremony

We offer our beautiful Garden Conservatory for your exclusive use. (We can cater for up to 10 Guests)

For a slightly larger“I Do”  Mini –Wedding Ceremony, (Between 10 – 30 Guests) we would make use of a venue close by that is ideally suited to intimate and cost-effective ceremonies.

This is a no-fuss, easy, cost-effective way to get married or to elope.  An ideal alternative to Home Affairs or to that dreaded dull court wedding. Family and close friends always find these moments meaningful, enriching and intimate as they feel so very much a part of the experience.

Options range from: A warm engaging yet unadorned ceremony to deeply honor the moment. The same ceremony with champagne and time in our garden to celebrate and take photos. Add some refreshments and canapes to enhance the celebration. A further option would be to make use of our in-house, delightful photographer.

More services

More options

It is always a joy to celebrate with family and community as we seek to dedicate and affirm our Children and ourselves in our quest to help them navigate life. Time spent working towards and facilitating these ceremonies is always a huge honour for me . .

The richest experiences of life are made possible through shared life.

Good relationships, especially committed Long-term/Life relationships, offer the best setting for the fullest experience of this journey called life.

It would be an honor to journey with you to find your unique ways of doing life with your significant other/s . . .

  • Vow Renewals 
  • Destination Weddings
  • Celebrant Services
  • Memorial Services 

We strive to make every wedding special

Our highest interest is that you live the richest experience of life and that you express the purest version of who you really are. A life of love will enable this and so we’d be honoured to be a part of your story.