Services Offered



Full Wedding Celebration


Simple Marriage Registration.

1. Full Wedding Celebration


Initial communication and first consultation.

Once we have confirmed availability for your wedding day, we can arrange to meet to discuss legalities, documentation, your requirements and your desires for the wedding ceremony.

Further Consultation.

My focus is to create the ethos on your wedding that you have dreamed of.  It is therefore good to meet on a more personal level so that I can support you leading up to your wedding and make sure that the day itself is a celebration that you will never forget.

Ongoing Consultation.

It might turn out that there is such a good connection as we plan together for your special day that further meetings would be good.  I would seek to support you emotionally, spiritually and practically for your wedding and your life beyond.


It is important that all documentation is ready and correct for the signing of the register. I will collate all information and have all the necessary documents filled in and ready for signing on the day.  Our focus is to celebrate.  We do not want to be hampered by unnecessary paper work complications.


Wedding Day.

I like to arrive about an hour before the bride to make sure that all venue preparations have been followed, that guests arrive comfortably, that the groom and his support is at ease and sorted. [/two_columns_one]

Signing of the Register.

It is my function to make sure that all Home Affairs legal requirements are carefully adhered to and documented.

Provision of an official abridged Marriage Certificate on the day of your wedding.


Doc’s To Home Affairs.

I follow through by getting all documentation safely through to home affairs on the closest possible working day following the wedding. A record is filled in and your documentation is referenced to keep track of the process.

Follow Through.

Occasionally, additional information is required by the Department of Home Affairs. I am happy to follow through, on your behalf, to the point of registration.


2. Simple Marriage Registration

Legal Registration Only10411048_754684091260319_8717125239090039403_n

This would be an appropriate approach with the primary function of registering your marriage on the National Population Registry.  We would plan an exchange where you might not have a detailed ceremony or a notable guest list.

While this is simply a legal ceremony, I make every effort to create a warm and engaging environment for your benefit. This includes:

    • The completion and signing of the register (Couple sign and provide left thumb print)
    • The Completion and signing of a separate document for the witnesses and the Marriage official.
    • You will receive a DHA-27 (Marriage Certificate) and copies of the registration and witness detail on the day of signing.
    • Original documents are lodged at Home Affairs Office at the soonest opportunity following this transaction. (Process designed with Home Affairs for the most streamlined registration of your Marriage)
    • Follow through to the point of Registration

Baptisms\Christenings\Naming\Dedication Ceremonies
One of my favourite ways to connect with community is through dedication services. Our children have so much beauty and potential – twins-442It is always a joy to celebrate with family and community as we seek to dedicate and affirm our Children and ourselves in our quest to help them navigate life. Time spent working towards and facilitating these ceremonies is always a huge honour for me . .



Marriage Counselling/Relationship Consultation 
Our marriage (Nigel & Iris Levings) has by far, been the most enriching experience of my life.  Some of the journey has been quite difficult to navigate, yet the entire experience has enabled an exceptional quality of life.

This journey of over thirty years has helped to distill an approach to relationship and to marriage in particular that i would be very happy to share with you.

My style is more conversational that prescriptive (We decide together on the content, outcome and possible adjustments to be made to your relationships).  This is to honour your specific spiritual and relational choices to enable the richest possible experience of life.

On rare occasions, we might find that this approach does not address critical challenges that you might be facing.  We would then together agree on a referral or a more focused approach.