Marriage Officer: Nigel levings
Over 20 Years Experience
Certified & Licensed with home affairs

Marriage officer: Nigel Levings

Certified & Licensed with home affairs

Personalized & Unique Ceremonies Respect for Religious & Cultural Traditions
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At Wedding Registrations, we take pride in creating unforgettable wedding ceremonies.

With over 500 happy couples served, our certified marriage officers are dedicated to creating personalized experiences that reflect your unique love story.

Leave the legalities and Home Affairs to us as we handle all the paperwork, ensuring a seamless and worry-free process.

We respect your beliefs and can tailor the ceremony to meet your specific requirements.

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What our beloved clients have to say

Amanda Happily Married
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I found 'I Do' Weddings through a Google review. My husband and I were looking for a nondenominational Officiant as I am a Christian and my husband is Spiritual. Iris who assists with admin side of things ensured the whole process ran very smoothly. Nigel took the time to really get to know and understand my husband and I. On the day of our wedding Nigel conducted a beautiful ceremony that celebrated our relationship and our faith. Thank you for being a part of our special day!" Chat soon
Chelsea & Tristan
Chelsea & TristanHappily Married
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"We found Wedding Registration by absolute chance on Google. What a pleasure to work with Nigel and Iris. Nigel adhered to our wishes on the day and created a meaningful ceremony that aligned completely with how we had imagined it. He is engaging and natural in his presentation. Iris has been a Godsend on the administration side, very organized and understanding. We would absolutely recommend them for your big day. Tristen and Chelsea"
Chantel & Rogerio
Chantel & RogerioHappily Married
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So firstly, this is the greatest biggest thank you for the absolutely perfect people you are!  Secondly, our guests were stunned, they had no idea the ceremony would be so much "fun and engaging" were the words used by all of them, they had the most amazing experience with your message and energy and so did we.  Thirdly, wow wow wow, we cannot thank you enough for everything, taking the time to get to know us and actually using it to engage our guests, and also for personalizing our day. We are actually honored and privileged to have had you guys as our officients!  If marriage was a "regular thing", like a birthday, we would reuse you guys for every occassion!  We are amazed by your passion, your engaging energy and just who you are!  So once again, the biggest fatest thank you for making it the most amazing non boring, entertaining, unique ceremony.
Mr & Mrs Hladik
Mr & Mrs HladikHappily Married
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Dear Iris, This is just a short thank you from Mr Hladik and Myself (the new Mrs Hladik) to thank you with the utmost gratitude and the warmest hearts for your very special ceremony on our Wedding Day. It was perfect, and we would not change a word even if we could. Our hearts were full and proud, as were those of our guests. Your presence brought warmth, calm and huge comfort.  Your kindness towards us, as well as your care to take note of the important people in our lives. really meant more than words can say. It was an absolute privilege to share this beautiful day with you. Thank you for your time in getting to know each of us a little better as this certainly gave us a comfy and safe feel around you. Our guests also really loved your manner and were in awe of your sincerity and kind heart. We hope to really stay in touch with you along life's path and thank you warmly. Much love and care to you and Nigel,
Georgia & John
Georgia & JohnHappily Married
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Iris, I just want to say the biggest thank you for yesterday 🥰😘❤️😍 you spoke so beautifully and made our ceremony so magical and unique to us. Really we could not have asked for a better day, it was everything we’d hoped for and so so so much more 🥰😘❤️🤗
Jenny & Peter
Jenny & PeterHappily Married
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Hello Nigel, This is just a short note to say how thrilled Peter and I are that it was you who married us earlier this month. Thank you for travelling out here to perform the ceremony in this place which is so very special to us both. You understood what it meant to us and managed to convey these feelings to our family and friends. You wove our love for each other and the spiritual nature of the area into a wonderfully happy ceremony which continued into a joyous celebration for the rest of the day. Many of our guests commented on your service with one saying that this was a ‘real wedding the way weddings should be‘. The joy and enthusiasm which you brought to the occasion were contagious and we have poignant memories which will last a lifetime of our wonderfully happy wedding – Thank you! Best regards, Jenny Hill
Neena Rama
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Hello Nigel This is Neena, Malikah’s mom. I hope this finds you well 🌷. With all the drama of the wedding, and being as reserved as I am, words don’t always come easily to me. I lost the opportunity to share with you how wonderful, moving, and touching the ceremony was 💗. You made it very special, and I wanted to thank you for that 🙏. What was extraordinary was the inclusiveness of the proceedings….everyone felt included and a part of the ceremony, which was light, friendly, and beautiful, with just the right touch of formality. Thanks very much Nigel 💝. It is a lovely memory 🤗.
Steven and Catherine
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Hi Nigel, We are back from honeymoon and getting round to thanking everyone for joining us in celebrating our special day. Cath and I would like to thank you very much for a great ceremony, we had a lot of people comment on how much they loved it and how it was so true to us, really captured everything about us so we couldn't be happier. Thanks for being so great and making the ceremony so smooth and relaxing for the both of us. Much love from Steven and Catherine
Morgan and Ryan Collins
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Good morning Iris and Nigel, We would just like to thank you both once again for making our day so very special yesterday. Our wedding is a bit unorthodox, and we are just so glad to have found officiates who were so accommodating and gave us everything we wanted. Nigel, you made the ceremony super special, we loved what you had to say. Iris, thank you for being such a gracious hostess and for preparing the cheese platters so beautifully. Thank you both for opening up your home and garden to us. We are so very grateful! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

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