Services Offered

1. Marriage Registration

While this is simply a legal ceremony, I make every effort to create a warm and engaging environment to honour the occasion.

–  Your Home (Home Marriage)

– Our Offices (Court Marriage)

– Or a Venue of your choice.


  • You will receive a DHA-27 (Marriage Certificate) on the day of signing.
  • Original documents are lodged on your behalf at Home Affairs Office for the most streamlined registration of your Marriage)
  • Follow through on your behalf to the point of Registration

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2. Full Marriage Ceremony

Type of Ceremony
We highly value your freedom to choose and will do all that we can to honour your views. Spiritual/Non Spiritual – Religious/Non Religious – Specified Denomination/Non Denominational/Inter Faith/Same Sex/Civil Union, Civil Partnerships and Civil Marriages

Nigel’s approach is to shape your ceremony around you and the dreams you have for your special day. He takes the time to clearly hear your wishes and your world-view so that a warm, dignified, festive and appropriate atmosphere is planned for you and your guests.

Initial communication and first consultation.
Once we have confirmed availability for your wedding day, we can arrange a meet & greet to ensure your comfort with me.  At this meeting we will possibly also chat through the ideal process leading up to your wedding. We might also discuss legalities and documentation to ensure the full registration of your wedding onto the South African Population Registry.

Further Consultation.
Nigel’s focus is to create the ethos on your wedding that you have dreamed of.  It is therefore good to meet a few times on a more personal level so that I can support you leading up to your wedding and make sure that the day itself is a celebration that you will never forget.

Ongoing  . .  .

It might turn out that there is such a good connection as we plan together for your special day that further time together would be good.

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Baptisms|Christenings|Naming|Dedication Ceremonies

It is always a joy to celebrate with family and community as we seek to dedicate and affirm our Children and ourselves in our quest to help them navigate life. Time spent working towards and facilitating these ceremonies is always a huge honour for me . .

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Marriage Counselling|Relationship Consultation

The richest experiences of life are made possible through shared life.

Good relationships, especially committed Long-term/Life relationships, offer the best setting for the fullest experience of this journey called life.

It would be an honour to journey with you to find your unique ways of doing life with your significant other/s . . .

  • Vow Renewals 
  • Destination Weddings
  • Celebrant Services
  • Memorial Services 

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