You deserve the most phenomenal experiences of your life on your Wedding Day. You have invested so much to make this an exceptional day – because you know deep within – the incredible value of publicly proclaiming and celebrating your love.

Yet so few couples are able to truly enjoy . . .

It is really worthwhile to focus a bit so that all of the energy and preparation really pays off . . .   Here are some thoughts that may help:

  1. Plan so that you can slow right down in the run up week of your wedding.  Allow yourself time for large spaces to relax – Massages; Quiet walks in beautiful places; Tranquil meals; Fun Movies.  Whatever quietens your inner space . . .
  2. Separate yourself from your cell phone, especially on the day, but also in large chunks before hand.  There are no crises.  It will all be so great on the day . . .
  3. Hold everything lightly.  Yes you’ve planned meticulously and long for certain aspects to be ‘just right’.  But life happens . . .  The only thing that is really in your control is that you choose to enjoy – no matter what!
  4. Release any unresolved issues as far as is possible.  Engage with your truly generous spirit and allow the imperfect in others and in circumstances to just be . . .
  5. Remember how much you love and how loved you are.  Have many moments where you allow that passion to be felt and to rise up in you.  Connect with it.  It is the source of all of your life . . .
  6. Delegate . . .
  7. On the day itself.  Choose to breathe deeply.  If you are familiar with meditation techniques – practice them.  So that you can be truly present to each valuable moment.  Take it all in.
  8. Connect with everything in you that is truly good and let that shine . . .  You are an incredible human being.  You have chosen to love.  Love all.  Love well
  9. The Ceremony has so many moments short as they might be that are charged with meaning and value.  The more you are aware and engaged with these, the more unforgettable for you and all your guests.
  10. Laugh . . .Cry . . .  Love . . .  Celebrate . . .  It is yours to live in the fullest possible way.

With Much Love: Nigel Levings

Nigel Levings

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