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Be Love Now

There is an unspeakable power in your Love.

A power that connects you to your Truest Self.

A power that awakens you, opens you, enflames you.

Your Love is the source of your truest, your purest being.

The indestructible connection to All that Is!

All that enlarges You/ All that purifies You/ All that enriches You

Your Love is the Gateway, into the Eternal Now.

And the Portal into your fullest most creative – most beautiful Self

Thank you for your Love – It is our inspiration

We See How Rich you really are!

As you immerse yourselves into each other and show how exquisitely two can be as One,

We see a power greater than any Other

We See your Love and we charge ourselves with the call to immerse – as you have

Nigel Levings

Written For Andre & Esther

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