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Quintus & Sonja

11036212_10153375084394948_2607414807780812241_nI think Sonja already has….but I would also like to Thank you for what EVERYONE say was the best ceremony they have attended. You honestly set the mood for the Entire wedding, which was, FUN and RELAXED…exactly what we asked for. You made everyone laugh, and that’s really special.
Our day would not even have been remotely as special without you, and I honestly feel that I have to Thank you over and over again from the bottom of my heart.
I’m sure you saw how stressed I was beforehand, but as soon as you started the ceremony I was much more relaxed and actually had the opportunity to listen to you, and take everything in whilst I was up there.

You have a true gift, and I am VERY proud to say that our wedding was officiated by one of the best.

Once again…thank you… a million times over…you made our day truly Unforgettable!

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