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Heart Wisdom

Heart Wisdom 

Trust the wisdom that comes through your heart
Most of us think too much.
We hold onto what has already happened in the past.
We worry about what may never happen in the future.

We are too busy trying to figure things out with our limited minds.
This keeps us identified with what is happening on the surface of our lives.
Go within and shine the light of awareness into your heart.
Deep in your being is all the knowledge and wisdom of the Universe.

Only when the mind becomes quiet,
are you able to hear the inner teacher and inner knowing of your heart –
it’s feelings, insights, longings and voice.

Time spent in solitude and nature helps you to feel into your heart.
Feel your connection with God.
Trust the ideas and inspirations that come through.
Trust them and Life enough to act on these realisations,
without worrying about the details of how something will manifest.

Allow your decisions and actions to flow from the spaciousness of the present moment.

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