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Living a life of Love

“I Do” – The Art of Choosing Well
For my Dear Friends Jen and Carlo

By Nigel Levings

When we choose to love – We choose well
You have chosen well – Not only in your choice of each other,
You have chosen well in your determination to keep saying “I Do”
For all of your days together
This then is what you have chosen
You have chosen
To always hold the esteem of the other highest in your heart.
To always feel that special passion, warmth, endearment
To cherish each other.
You have chosen
To allow yourself to feel that sense of relish.
You have chosen
To look into each other’s very being and say
“You are Truly Awesome”
And then
To freely act out that very conviction.

When we choose to love – We choose well
Here; in this pure desire,
We find our resource to choose.
By the act of our will; by the determination in our spirits,
We find the strength to love well.
We are empowered.
For here; we find our home with God
God is with us . . . in every love choice
If I am not empowered, I cannot choose.
I am too limited.
Too imprisoned by my own impulse.
Confined by my ritual need
Comfort, security, protection are my masters . . .
My prison

When we choose to love – We choose well
Here: in this pure desire,
We find we are truly free
The free choose really well
For here: your inner world finds its True North
Its purest Joy
And here: We are awakened
For the pure are those who see
Every deception, every entrapment in their line of view
You are empowered by your every choice
By Your willingness;
In the act of your will to love;
You will see God.

“Blessed are the pure in heart for they will see God”
Matthew 5:8

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