Required Documents

Getting married is a legal process, as well as a celebration. The following information and documentation is required for a successful registration of the marriage.

Download the documents checklist

Wedding Details

Contact person at Venue
Proposed Rehearsal Date and time (Optional)

Admin/Documentation Requirements For Couple

Remember, you need to supply documents for both parties of the couple.

Copies ID/Passport(Groom) X 2
Copies ID/Passport (Bride ) X2
Passport size photo’s (Bride) X3
Passport size photo’s (Groome) X3
Divorce Documentation (if applicable)
If yours is an ante-nuptial agreement, we will need a copy of the contract from a lawyer
  • (I will be able to certify the ID/passport copies for you)
  • You will be required to give left thumb finger prints on the day.
    (I will have necessary ink pad & wipes to make sure that this is as neat as possible.)

Particulars of Couple

Remember, you need to supply these details for both parties.

ID/passport #
Forenames in full
Previous Surnames?
Surname (current)
Dates of Birth
City/town of birth
Country of birth
Residential Address
Telephone #
Highest education level completed
Current occupation
Bride’s Surname after Marriage
Current Marital Status
  • If one or both of you have been previously married, Home Affairs will require a copy of the decree of divorce which I will submit on your behalf.

Particulars of Witnesses

Remember, you need two witnesses, over the age of 18.

Forenames in full
ID or passport numbers
Telephone numbers

Documentation Required for Witnesses

Remember, you need to supply documents for both Witnesses.

Copies ID/passport  (Witness 1)
Copies ID/passport (Witness 2)

Further Legalities

If either of you is not a South African citizen, please do consult with me. I will compile all needed documentation and ensure the process is completed to the point of receiving your abridged certificate.

If one or both of your of you do not have an S.A. ID document, Home Affairs requirement is that a BI-31 form is filled in. I have copies of these. We can complete the document together so that I can submit this on your behalf. A certified copy (I can certify for you) of your passport is also required.

If you are not a South African citizen a letter of no impedance is also required from the Embassy of the country in which you are a citizen.