Price Guide & Options

Package 1

Full Ceremony

R3900 – R5200

  • A few meetings for planning, exchange of documents and generally getting to know each other so that the event is warm, engaging and everyrthing you and your guests have hoped for.
  • Rehearsal if required
  • Travel to the venue (If it is not too far)
  • Early arrival on the day to ensure that everything is in place and flows well. (It is important to create a warm welcoming setting for guests and of course for you as a couple.)
  • The full ceremony with officiates fee.
  • Legal Registration – All of the Admin required including full submission to Home Affairs, with follow through to the point of Registration (See Full Detail under Option 3)
  • Issuing of Abridged Marriage Certificate on the day of your marriage

Package 2

Full Ceremony (Budget)


Some weddings settle at a lower cost where not all of the components are required. (We would need to chat through the best approach to meet your requirements).

Package 3

Legal Registration Only

R2000 – R3000

Legal Registration Only (Without planned ceremony or notable Guest List)
While this is simply a legal registration, I make every effort to create a warm and engaging environment for your benefit. This includes:

  • Marriage Registration:  (Legal ceremony & documentation).
  • The completion and signing of the register for the couple and official
  • Signing of a separate document for the witnesses and the official.(Two witnesses need to be present.)
  • The couple receive a DH-27 Marriage Certificate.
  • Original documents lodged at Home Affairs Office at the soonest opportunity following this transaction.
There is a variance in these packages to allow for  travel expenses in some cases and possible admin costs involved in some more complicated applications (Foreign Nationals etc . . .).  
For packages 1 & 2:  I do prefer a Booking Deposit of at least R1000.00 to secure the date and time of ceremony.  Please let me know if you have any queries regarding this.