Choosing the right Marriage Officer will make a huge difference to your Wedding


 Full Wedding Celebration
Simple Marriage Registration
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My Goals:

This first part is the most important

The Wedding
To make sure your wedding and ceremony is an entirely unforgettable and joy-filled celebration for you and your guests.

We want to create a warm but dignified and celebratory atmosphere for you and your guests; fun and engaging, with some moments that reflect the value of your commitment and Love.

To get this right, we need to choose a style and approach that reflects you, your world-view and your wishes.  We also want to agree on the proceedings and timing of your ceremony to create a perfect balance. The balance I believe will reflect enough time and sincerity to make this occasion meaningful and memorable.  Not too long that we will want to forget the occasion and not too short that we miss important moments.  So, I do hope that we can meet soon to chat and to get to know each other.

Type of Ceremony: We value highly your freedom to choose and will do all that we can to honour your views. Spiritual/Non Spiritual – Religious/Non Religious – Specified Denomination/Non Denominational/Inter Faith

Secondly, the documentation and administration requirements

To help you navigate through the Home Affairs requirements, planning and admin issues.

This can be time consuming and therefore be a distraction to us.  The detail set out on this page will help us get this out of the way so that we can focus on celebrating well. Please go through this detail in preparation.  You can let me have this information by return email, or simply hand me a hard copy with the other required documents and photos when we meet.

I look forward to chatting soon and to a celebration of note